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Reach out through the void.

Topanga Canyon, CA

VUM is currently recording in the Secret Lodge.

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VUM sounds like a smoke machine. Not like a band that needs a smoke machine, but the actual machine. Jennifer Pearl’s single note drones ran through a tape echo do more than any noodling, shredding, or smarty pant jazz chord ever could. Christopher Badger’s synth work exhibits scrutiny of sonic titans like Kricke/Eno/Schnitlzer. He understands how to use deep tones as both percussion and tone. Their live drummer played only snare and toms, no cymbals, adding texture, never driving the songs. That was left to Jennifer’s chameleon phrasings, steady, continuous, but ever changing as if to hide behind the repetitive soundscape. VUM are guilty of utilizing a backing track, but it’s excusable if only for their mastery of minimalism. Every live texture garnered maximum effect. Where Raw Geronimo blasted physical sexuality (some things can’t be helped), VUM’s understated sterility let us appreciate how sexy a band can sound.
— Daniel Austin Warren, LA RECORD